Our rehearsal dinner was awesome. It is one of my favorite memories of the whole entire wedding process but it definitely wasn’t traditional.

I don’t remember how we heard of Friday Night Franks, but we decided to check it out with both sets of our parents. Basically, it’s in the middle of gorgeous mountains in Fort McDowell. It’s all outdoor, and it has a ton of firepits, horse drawn hayrides, a bus that drives off into the desert and parks in the starlight and entertainment. You get your stick to cook all of your own food, so there were hot dogs, bratwurst and s’mores. Each person could also get chips and drinks. I was so anxious at that point (being a naturally nervous person) that having a relaxed, fun, open environment was ideal. We invited all of our out-of-towners, family and the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It was an absolute blast. The Heiseys made amazing blue, green and yellow accented cookies and upon arrival, each guest got to choose a different colored cowboy hat to wear and take home.

One of the guests brought a pair of boots and all the guys got to try them on. The man that they fit was allowed to give me a kiss and keep the boots. It ended up being my brother! I thought that was a fun little tradition.

When most of the eating had ceased, we decided to go on the hayride and sing around campfire. I know it wasn’t the usual sit down plated meal that many people have, but it was perfect for us. I really can’t think of anything I enjoyed more than that rehearsal dinner.