There are hundreds and hundreds of favor options for your wedding. From little boxes of mints to personalized mix cds for each guest, the favors are a fantastic way to personalize and thank your guests. I decided to give each guest some impatien seeds. My grandmother always had full hedges and rows and rows of impatiens lining her home before she passed away. I wanted to make sure that I included her in the wedding, both for me and my mom.

I bought tiny manila envelopes, blue polka dot ribbon, two stamps, a blue ink stamp pad and transparency sticker paper. First, I stamped each envelope with a thank you and a teensy little bug holding out a flower. Next, I hole punched the tops of each envelope and spooned some impatien seeds into them. I tied a ribbon through each hole and tied it off.

I used the transparency sticker paper to print little labels for the back of each envelope, with planting instructions and a dedication to my grandmother.

Voila! Little favors for each person to take and plant.