When we were engaged, Dustin and I chose both of our rings together. He wanted to get a carbon inlayed band but at the time I told him that there was no way I wanted my husband to wear a mini-tire on his finger for the rest of our lives. At first he was slightly disappointed, but he was still happy to get a ring that matched mine.

Fast forward to our wedding day. I used a little jeweled box to keep our rings in and gave it to my cousin Katie, who was my maid of honor. Since she was supposed to present the rings to us, I took her aside and gave her the carbon ring that I purchased for Dustin.

D is so easygoing that there aren’t many things that he wants or prefers; he usually just goes with the flow. I thought that this would be a sweet way to give him something that he really wanted and I loved getting to surprise him in front of everyone. We both love his ring; it’s very masculine and it feels like the perfect band for him.

The picture above is special to me because I took it with my phone the night that Dustin proposed. When I got to my apartment, I wanted to Facebook the ring, so I grabbed a little Alice in Wonderland book on my computer and chose a page to display the ring. It’s amazing that a cell phone picture can mean so much.