Everyone says that when you put on “the dress”, you just know. But I’m not a big believer in the idea of the perfect dress. This could be because I try to be realistic, and the idea of searching for one perfect thing instead of twenty workable wonderful things just sounds like a nightmare. But I realize that I seem to be exception not the rule. I knew what I wanted, generally speaking, in a dress before Mom and I went shopping. I wanted sleeves, but having been heavily reading wedding blogs for years because of photography, I knew that sleeves were unlikely and almost impossible to find. So I decided I’d probably get something sleeveless but add a cardigan.

My mom wasn’t pleased with the idea of a cardigan, especially since there were none to be found in the dead of winter when we were trying to prepare. Plus, the idea of my wearing a colored cardigan was even less ideal to her. Eventually, we found a simple white cardigan and lined it with the same silk that was used to make my dress. The pictures below are cell phone pics, hence their extra terrible quality. 🙂

The first and only place we went dress shopping was Strut, a plus size wedding dress boutique. We called ahead to make an appointment and on arrival, we were greeted by a very friendly staff and adorable mini cupcakes and water bottles. We walked around and looked at some dresses before I tried one on. The second dress that I wore made my mother tear up and pronounce that it was “the one”. I decided to take her word on it since the dress really was gorgeous.

Ann, the owner, brought us a gorgeous little hairpiece that looked gorgeous with the dress. However, at $75, it wasn’t in the budget. My crafty mom was pretty confident that she could make one that looked similar, so off we went, a dress ordered and even a hairstyle chosen! We headed to Michael’s next, where Mom grabbed two white flowers, a sprig of beads on a wire and a blank barrette. That woman amazes me, because she took three dollars of craft store flower and turned it into an amazing hairpiece that I still absolutely love.