Decorating was my favorite part of wedding planning. I’ll admit that it was a bit difficult since it was a residence and I wanted a cohesive color scheme without a huge budget. When we first came to tour the house, I brought along my Flip camera and taped the entire walk-through. As my mom’s friend, Annie, explained some of the possibilities to us, I had them recorded. So when we went home, I knew what little corners might need something, or where that dining room table needed to go or how wide the front doors were. If you’re touring your venue and you have a lot of texture/flavor to infuse into your big day, I’d advise you to have someone tape the walk-through.

At this point in the blogging process, I can’t be positive that I haven’t covered some of these things before. But I’ll do a little explanation of the things we bought or made in order to decorate. Raiding after-Christmas sales was great for budgeting and for finding some really gorgeous pieces of decor that you might ordinarily think about using for a wedding. Target had tons of gorgeous vase fillers and I took home several blue beaded bouquets, swirled glitter sticks and flowers. I know those descriptions are terrible, but that’s really the only way I can explain it. Pictures help.

To me, an unevenly decorated table is a crime. I am obsessed with appropriate spacing and levels. A flat and sparse table is just…sadness. So I made sure that I collected table décor throughout our planning. I figured that there was so much space in our massive location that we could bring everything and space it out when we arrived. However, I ended up planning the placement of most of the things we bought before we went. I kept a notebook in my purse all the time, as I think I’ve mentioned before. So I had a page for the cake table and the candy table. When I bought a vase or a jar, I’d draw it onto our little blueprint on the appropriate page.

I scoured Goodwill for milk jugs circa farmhouse-in-Virginia-150-years-ago. I also found some at TJ Maxx. If they were white, we were set. However, I had to spraypaint many of them white. We tied a ribbon around a few, filled some with flowers, etc. They were a great little tie in to the wedding because in a residence, you obviously can’t redecorate a person’s home. Not that I wanted to, because it was one of the most beautifully curated homes I’ve ever been in. But a little vase tucked in a bathroom corner that matches the other ones throughout the house, porch backyard and photobooth is a great way to tie everything together.

I knew that there was a water feature that actually transitioned into a foot pond right in the middle of the venue, so I purchased some floating LED color changing balls to throw in at night.

The whole porch was lined with blue Christmas lights, which was absolutely perfect. I also knew that we would need additional lighting so I bought some blue and white paper lanterns to hang across the entire back of the home.

What are some of the creative ways you have to decorate your venue?