Most weddings have dancing. However, I don’t really dance. I’m too anxious and too self conscious to even attempt dancing, especially at a wedding. Plus, renting a dance floor, speakers, a DJ, lighting was not in the budget. It just wasn’t one of my bigger priorities, especially given the demographic of guests that we had attending our wedding. But I also know that people love dancing and I wanted to have some of that fun available. So we did our own little set up.

First, we purchased a set of speakers and an auxiliary link up from Costco. It ran us $125, the speakers are wireless and we got to put them in our apartment after the wedding, so it was one of my favorite scores with our budget. Even today I plugged in my iPod, grabbed a broom and swept the floors to some Regina Spektor. It was pretty fantastic.

After we purchased the speakers, I looked on several wedding websites for their lists of must-have songs at the wedding. We pulled from our own music collection and downloaded some of the most popular songs. Then we simply brought D’s laptop to the wedding and my cousin acted as an unofficial DJ. Dustin and I even had a little first dance, witnessed by my family. We pretty much did that seventh grade stand-and-sway dance, but at least we had a first, and probably last, dance. All in all, dancing wasn’t the highlight of the wedding, but it was still a fun, inexpensive activity to plan and set up.