One of our family friends is a fantastic chef and recently started attending culinary school. She offered to make the cake for our wedding and I could not have been more pleased with what we got. I’m not very fancy and I wanted the wedding to have a bit of a fun flair, so we asked Kathy to make a giant cupcake as the bride and groom cake, and then to make cupcakes for our guests. Our couple’s cake was Funfetti, which is one of my absolute favorites. We got to have an official cake taste test, which was one of the best parts of the wedding planning! Not only did Kathy make us a beautiful cake, but she even made special little fondant flowers for each cupcake.

Since we had the wedding at a residence, we had a giant dining room table to decorate. I decided to make some cake stands to hold a few of the cupcakes. First I went to Goodwill and found some ornate edged large white plates and different height and width glass candlesticks. I also bought some E-600 glue from Michaels. After I glued the rim of the candlestick to the plate, I let it sit for 48 hours and voila!

I also knew that I needed some way to hold the rest of the cupcakes, so off I went to Target and bought a large, thin beveled mirror. After adding a cake cutting photo from our engagement session, a Willow Tree Promise statuette and sprinkling some felt flowers leftover from our bouquet making on the table, we were set.

The cake table was honestly one of my very favorite parts of the wedding. I thought it looked sweet and playful with just a hint of glitz. And those cupcakes, my goodness. If you are looking for a wonderful and affordable cake maker, please e-mail me and I will give you her information! As you can tell, I was so blessed to have a supportive and generous group of people who showed D and I love throughout the wedding process!