I’ve missed two weeks of Wedding Wednesday and I feel terrible! I don’t know if anyone reads this besides my mom but if you do, I’m sorry if I’ve left you hanging.

One of the first things that I figured out before I was engaged was that I did not want to worry about keeping flowers alive during my wedding. I know that I wouldn’t be budgeting for a florist and that, with my anxiety levels, I couldn’t trust myself to go pick up bouquets from the local Fry’s a day before the wedding. Ironically, D and I did end up grabbing the bouquet for the toss from a local Fry’s the day before the wedding, but it was more of a fun relaxing event and nothing in the wedding was really dependent on buying that bouquet.

I had seen some button bouquets that I really liked, so I decided to look on Etsy for possible choices. The bouquets that I did find were hundreds of dollars, and while they were absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t spend that kind of money on one bouquet, much less several for the bridesmaids. However, I found an Etsy seller who made affordable felt flowers that I could customize completely. We bought enough to make my bouquet, six for my bridesmaids and three smaller ones for my junior bridesmaids and flower girl.

Next, we headed to Michaels to find our stems. We wanted something thick, wired and with a tube opening so that the felt flowers could be glued in and on the stems. Thankfully, we found the perfect bouquets.

Mom and I sat down, hot glued our flowers to our stems, and set each drying bouquet in a vase so that they could dry overnight. Then Mom made boutonnieres for each groomsman and D. She also made pins for D’s parents, all of our grandparents and of course my dad and herself. I thought it was a sweet way to pay special attention to the special people in our lives.

After everything was finished and dry, we stored each bouquet in it’s own plastic bag. The pins and boutennieres were placed in a couple of Styrofoam dinner boxes and labeled. I was so relieved to have the florals nailed down completely and for less than $150 altogether. On the day of the wedding, I added a silver locket to the white silk ribbon we had tied. Inside, I wrote the names of loved ones who had passed away because I wanted to bring them down the aisle with me. It was really important to me that I incorporated my grandmother and great grandmother into the wedding because I knew how happy they would have been to watch me get married. I wanted to make sure that I included them in my process because they were so special to all of us.