I love uniformity. Not to the point of boring tasteless consistency, but I love things that match or coordinate. Since I recently learned how to meal plan/what to cook, I’ve started utilizing my spices a lot. And the more I picked through dusty, peeling labeled plastic jars,  the more I felt the need to find a clean and cute way to utilize my spices. I was inspired by Kit of DIY Diva. She recently created awesome spice jar labels complete with a little description/poem of what each spice does.

Pinterest has a ton of great ideas for creating your own spice jars as well. I loved the idea of Kit’s clamp top jars, but in my experience, labels peel and even if you replace them, there’s that sticky residue that takes several minutes of Goo Gone to dissipate. On my birthday, Mom and I went shopping and found these perfect little jars. They had white ceramic tops but we took them home and dipped the tops into Martha Stewart’s Chalkboard paint.

After a twenty-four hour drying period, I got out white paint markers and wrote down the name of each spice on each top. Using actual chalk on the top of these jars would not have been practical for me, because for one thing, I’m not the most careful person in the world. One sleeve brushing against the jar tops and I’m adding cumin to my ice cream instead of lavender. That just doesn’t sound good. So I used the white markers for a more permanent but still slightly sweet chalk look.

Sidenote: If you actually want to do this and use chalk, I would advise you to try a couple of different paints. I’ve used chalkboard spray paint and it is absolutely fab. Martha’s paint, bless her heart, wasn’t the best chalkboard paint I’ve used and if I were using actual chalk instead of the paint marker I would have been a little disappointed. Oh, and I only needed one paint marker but you can never have too many markers right?!

I love them. I love that I never have to shake them and I can add a pinch or literally stick my teaspoon into the jar. No more awkwardly shaking a giant hole-y spice jar over a tiny teaspoon and filling my lungs with mustard dust. I keep them all in a basket for now and love that I don’t have to dig each one out and read each label. They are all sitting in a row, clearly labeled. Anything that makes kitchen time more lovely is a good thing.


Tomorrow’s post features the Pangborn’s family session! On Monday, I’ll be posting about my experience as a clueless newlywed who had no idea how to meal plan or what to cook. It will also include an explanation of what I found that simplified the entire process and gave me confidence in the kitchen.