One thing that I knew for sure when I started planning for the wedding was that I did not want giant, conversation blocking centerpieces. I always find it odd to be sitting at a table, surrounded by eight people but only able to see three of them. After looking online for inspiration, Mom and I headed out on our aforementioned Ikea trip. I knew that I wanted non-blocking pieces and that I wanted to spend less than $5 per table. We went through every aisle of that candles and decor of Ikea  multiple times because I stubbornly refused to leave until I found what I wanted. As we went through the aisles one last time, I spied these wooden candle holders on major clearance for $1.99. We grabbed those, as well as some candles and were planning to leave it at that.

We pre-filled the centerpieces and stacked them into some grey Rubbermaid boxes, to wait for March 5th to come.

A week before the wedding, my mom and I went looking for a little plant to put on the little bistro table that D and I would be sitting at during the wedding. As we walked through the foliage section of Home Depot’s gardening center, we stumbled upon the succulents. When we first started wedding planning, I had wanted succulents for the wedding but it was a non-essential so it had to wait. During our hunt for a bistro-table appropriate flower, we found an adorable little assortment of succulents. And since I had planned the budget with overflow in every area, we had plenty to afford these. This was one of the things about the wedding that I was really excited about because it looked so visually pleasing and really tied in every element of our day: Southwestern, all of our colors, the beautiful wood grain texture.