Katie and Jeff decided to surprise their mom with a sibling portrait session for Christmas. They were absolute naturals in front of the camera and I didn’t even see a hint of discomfort.

As a photographer, I’m thinking about a lot of different things all at once. I’m setting up your pose, considering the lighting, the angle, the exposure, reflection, composition, sharpness, bokeh and more. It’s easy to forget that my subjects don’t have a psychic connection with me, understanding the picture that I have in my mind. It wasn’t until D & I had our own engagement portrait session that I really understood how uncomfortable it is to be in front of the camera. Ever since, I’ve been able to empathize more completely with my clients, building in a little warm up time where we just do whatever comes naturally and work our way into some of the more “created” scenes. I say all of this to say that Katie and Jeff were born to be in front of a camera. You already know that I love families that love each other. I also love people that dazzle me with happy, soul warming smiles. The Watsons meet both requirements, so color me a happy photographer.