I’m in my early twenties. When I started wedding planning, I recognized that nothing at my wedding needed to be perfect. I’m young enough that no one really had any swanky expectations of glory for our big day. In a way, it was very relieving. Not only that, but I don’t have the luxury of time or money that perfection often requires. And even more than that, I don’t have that desire for a wedding. Putting that kind of pressure on myself for one simple day would have been ridiculous. But I recognize that I was relatively safe from the expectations that an older bride might have.

All of this to say, did I want a creative and beautiful wedding? Absolutely. I’ve been reading blogs for years, seeing the delicate calligraphy or hand painted invitations that people choose to commision for their wedding. When Jessica Claire sent out her invitations a couple of years ago, I had dreams of doing something so elaborate and creative. But as the day drew nearer, I knew I needed to be realistic. So off to Michael’s my mom and I went. We figured we’d look through the wedding aisles just to get a taste of what was out there. We looked through the invite packages. I wanted something that had one of our colors, and at least one printable insert that I could use as well. I wasn’t really jazzed about anything that I found, so Mom and I gave up on that hunt and went to drool over the Martha Stewart aisle.

We always head down the clearance aisle as well, just in case. As we did, we found the exact invites I was looking for. Yellow bordered, with cheerful yellow and grey flowers. It came with ribbons, a printable insert and it was $20 for 40 invites.

Most of the other invites we found were between $40 – $50. Since we were planning to invite around 300 people, it would have cost at least $300 just for the invites, not to mention the cost of postage and ink to print them. I did not feel fantastic about spending almost 1/20 of our budget on something that wasn’t even going to be at our wedding day. So when I figured out that I could spend half of that, I was excited. After scooping up plenty of invites, I headed home and printed them out. I looked online to see how other people had worded their invites. After deciding what I wanted to print, I designed the layout and printed it in blue ink. The little printable was used for some of the information that we needed to send out, but didn’t want on our official invite. We included the link to our wedding website, our registry info and a couple of other details.

Lastly, I made our RSVP postcards. I Googled RSVP images until I found one that I liked. I printed it on one side of 4×6 white card stock that I cut out and printed the RSVP information and addresses on the other.