The candy table is becoming a regular staple of weddings today. Bubbles and sparklers have replaced rice and sleeveless dresses and cupcakes have replaced puffy sleeves and tiered cakes. Many weddings have become an artistic endeavor, a form of personalized branding and self expression. The candy table has become a staple of many creative weddings, especially since the table can be an entire encapsulation of the tones and textures of your day in one singular spot.

When I first started looking into creating my own candy table, I considered using personalized M&M’s and purchasing all my candy at once, all matching. But since I was on a budget (and even if I wasn’t on a budget actually) I couldn’t justify spending $57.99 on a five pound bag of candy. So I had to look elsewhere. I was lucky enough that Halloween and Christmas both happened during right before my wedding, so after holiday candy clearance was perfect for some of my options. I ended up choosing to include giant white and green swirled lollipops, butterscotch discs, green, blue and white chocolate discs, blue candy sticks, blue and white Jordan almonds, green licorice, green boxed Mike & Ikes and blue wrapped Almond Joys. I tried to find a good ratio of blue, green and yellow candy.

Yellow candy is surprisingly hard to find. So D and I went off to Fry’s to find some more. We actually found a Jelly Belly station inside and created a bag of popcorn and marshmallow flavored jelly beans. I thought it sounded terrible but D loved them so we got a couple of pounds. We bought some yellow and blue Chinese-takeout style boxes to hold each individuals candy and placed them in a white metal basket next to the candy. When my mom and I went to Ikea looking for inspiration, we grabbed a few vases to use. We also bought a couple of crystal bowls from TJ Maxx and some lidded jars from Target. I knew that we would be able to find plenty of dishes to use, but I was a bit worried about the scoops. After checking a couple of places, I finally found three metal scoops for a buck at the 99 Cent Store. Depending on the style of your wedding, you could also go to Goodwill and find some vintage spoons to use as your scoops.

The last piece of the table was the decor. I knew that I wouldn’t be using a tablecloth for this table so I wanted to make sure that the color scheme would be cohesive. I purchased a couple of beaded decorations and hot glued some ribbon to milk bottles that I found at Goodwill. And as I explained before, we used an engagement photo in which D and I were showered with candy as a way to personalize the set up.

And voila: a candy table that encapsulated the feeling of us as a couple as well as the concept for our day.