When I was a child, my cousins and I were very close. They are some of the most imaginative, clever and fun people that I know. We used to play together for hours and hours on end, exploring the great outdoors or making little movies or putting on plays for our parents. My favorite childhood memories stem from times that I spent with them. Katie is the second eldest of the clan and she was my absolute best friend growing up. Even now, we make a fantastic pair. I’m overly talkative, excitable….she is calm, sweet and patient. She is also a world class flautist. I could go on and on about her but that isn’t the point of this post. Katie and I, as seven year olds, decided that when we grew up, we would go to Purdue University together. We would both live with my Grandma since her house was walking distance to the university. We would later marry twin brothers and be neighbors and be the maid of honor in each other’s weddings. These were the only wedding plans I ever made as a child or adolescent. I wasn’t one of those little girls who holds a Barbie wedding everyday and has the first dance song and color and brand of her wedding shoes picked out at the age of six. Not at all. Katie and I didn’t end up going to Purdue University together, nor did we marry twin brothers. However, she did become my maid of honor. My only realistic childhood wedding plan did come true!

When I figured out who all of my bridesmaids would be, I wanted to ask them creatively. First, I figured out what I wanted them to wear. I wrote each girl a letter, thanking them for the positive impact that they have made in my life and asking them to be a bridesmaid. Then I included the outfit details that I wanted them to have at the wedding.

My Specifications:

–          Any knee length blue dress. It could have been any style and any shade. I wanted my girls in dresses that they could afford while feeling beautiful and comfortable wearing. Plus, I wanted them to be able to wear the dresses again to other events.

–          Silver strappy shoes

–          Silver earrings

I wanted to give the girls all a special necklace on the wedding day as both a favor and a matching accessory so I didn’t specify any type of necklace that they should wear. After I was done with the letters, I made a paper doll to represent each of the girls. I grabbed some cardstock, scissors, a silver Sharpie, some sticky gems and some cards and got to work. I cut out different shades of blue dresses and glued them to the little dolls. I created a hair cutout that matched the shade and style of each bridesmaid. I drew little silver strappy shoes and a silver necklace onto each doll. Then I glued a gem to the middle of each necklace.

I figured that this would be a sweet personalized little visual of what to look for when wedding shopping. I added each girl’s paper doll to their card and mailed them out.

My mom found the necklaces for each girl at Brighton Outlet and we placed each one in a small carved box.

I wrote them a thank you the night before the wedding and they opened the necklaces while we were all getting ready on the wedding day.