It’s rare that really good professional photographers will sell you the DVD of edited images with a copyright release of all your edited images. I lucked out. My wedding package came with our engagement session as well, and we purchased the DVD with the session on it. Not only do I get to have all of those special photos forever, but I also used them to create our guest book. Even though Julie sold us the DVD with the images, I wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t be offended if we used them in our guest book (because she would have been able to make a profit off of designing our book and I didn’t want to step on any toes). She was totally fine with it though, so off to the Walgreen’s photo site I went. I designed a book with plenty of empty space for signing and paid $29.99 for our guest book. We bought silver Sharpies, stuck them in a cup next to the book and voila. I absolutely love it!

We actually decided to make part of the engagement session into a supplemental part of the wedding. We brought color coordinated candy, a mini cake and some presents to our session. We took pictures throwing candy around, cutting the cake and opening the gifts. Then at the wedding, we had framed 8x10s of each activity at their corresponding table. So we had a gift picture on the gift table, candy raining down around us on the candy table and a cake cutting picture on the cake table. I thought it was a cute way to personalize the spots instead of making a sign.