You’ve chosen your date. You’ve chosen your venue. You’ve done your initial fact finding. You’ve chosen your colors. You’ve made your wedding website. You’re working on your registry. What next? For me, it was sending out our Save the Date. My hb (husband) and I had been dating for four years at that point, so when we got engaged in August, we didn’t give ourselves a big time budget before the wedding. Six months to plan. And honestly, I liked it that way. I don’t think I could have handled waiting a year! I’m just too impatient.

While most of the details still need to be nailed down, the date is already concrete now. You can take care of these and mark them off the to do list if you so wish. I wanted affordable and simple Save the Dates. I wanted to make them if it would be more cost effective. So my mom and I went to Michaels, bought a flower stamp, glue pen, glitter, yellow cardstock, an embossing stamp pad and embossing powder. My mom already owned an embossing tool (which is pretty much a high powered blow dryer) but if you wanted to get one, I’ve seen them priced between $10 and $20.

I designed the Save the Date in Word. First, I looked for an orange/lime/lemon since that was part of our theme. Google Images brought me a plethora of options.  I created a title, color theme and layered shapes before adding my text. I tried to use dynamic differing fonts and focused on making sure everything made spatial sense. This is what I came up with:

My mom and I used some paper slicers and cut our cardstock into postcard size. I set our printer to postcard size and ran them through. My dad, fiancee, mom and I all worked different stations together and it was actually pretty fun! While one of us kept loading the printer, another brought the newly printed cards to the embossing station. One of us stamped the cards and dumped embossing powder on them while another used the embossing tool to get the powder to rise.

Note: Embossing ink and powder are awesome. If you want a bit of texture added to any of your paper products, you can emboss them. I love watching the heat make the powder melt into the 3-D art it becomes!

Once we had finished all of the embossing, we grabbed our glue pens and went to town. We drew tiny little loops in the corners of each card and filled in the center of the flowers. After grabbing a Rubbermaid tub to catch all the glitter, we poured glitter onto our glue-d spots, dumped the cards off and let them dry.

The final step? Adding stamps and address labels to the text side of the postcard. I can’t give any advice on the address labels since obtaining and printing those darn things might have been one of the most frustrating parts of wedding planning! 😉

Now, send those Save the Dates out and the e-mails, phone calls, Facebook messages and tweets will start pouring in!