Your save the dates, invites, tablecloths, bridesmaid and groomsmen details, napkins, decorations and lighting are just some of the things that are affected by your color scheme decision. You might not be as concerned with colors as you are with tone, but in the end, you’ll probably still want to choose some colors to anchor your day. For example, if you wanted a rustic lodge wedding, you might want to choose cream, evergreen and chocolate with wood accents and quilted details. If you wanted a beach wedding, maybe navy blue, stark white and maroon with starfish and sailor décor.

One site that I love to use for color combos in general is You can choose one basic color that you love and they will give you a visual list of combinations. For example, I’ll choose blue. You can see that it gives me the hex number, which is super valuable for wedding customizations and your wedding website (more on the wedding website next Wedding Wednesday!) It also gives you several combos that work well with the shade you’ve chosen.

The other site that I used to do a lot of my wedding research was In fact, now that I think about it, I did most of my research there. First, I looked at the color combos.

Next, I chose to look through all of the blue and green décor details for inspiration.

I saved all of my favorites to a Word document by category, printed them out and kept them all together in my inspiration binder.

I chose to use blue and green as my main detail colors with yellow as an accent. I love bright colors and they weren’t too stimulating or overwhelming because of the vast outdoor space. Our moms wore green, our grandmothers wore blue and even many of our guests and family wore blue. We chose the blue/green/yellow theme and tied in a lemon and lime theme as well. I used lime graphics on our Save the Dates and used the fruits as a fillers for decor at the venue.

Once your color scheme and theme is chosen, you can really start nailing down some of the details like invitations, food, rentals, bridesmaid dresses, etc.