Christmas is coming. It’s my favorite holiday and I can hardly wait!

I like to get done with my Christmas presents before December because I get totally claustophobic in full bustling stores. There is just something about having other people’s elbows, purses and hips invading every inch of my personal space that makes me dread shopping during this month. When I start thinking about what to get or make for each person, I type up a bullet list with each important person’s name and spaces for gift plans. When the presents are wrapped, I star them. When they are delivered, check mark. I also write down what I wrapped them in because nothing drives me more nuts than a sticker tag peeling up and falling off of an anonymous package.

Which brings us to my little Christmas tag idea for this year. During the debt-tempting Black Friday – Cyber Monday, Moo had a sale. A fantastic sale. One that I could not resist. I decided that this year would be a year of pristine bag-tagging. No anonymous wrapped box would have to be scoured for a Sharpie-d name or half peeled sticker.  Instead, I made Minicards. On the front, I uploaded KJ (brother), D (husband), Daddy and Mama.

On the back, I added my smiling face and a little Christmas message.

I hole-punched the bottom right corner of each card and tied them to each corresponding bag with curling ribbon. Voila!

Cheery personalized Christmas tags!

This idea would be even more ideal if you have kids. As a Family and Child Development grad I would be remiss if I told you not to use your child’s name on each gift so that they can work on name recognition. However, download Picasa (free) and type their name right over a negative space on their picture. Save it, upload it, and now your children can have their own scavenger present hunt, practice the name recognition and feel super special that their face is on each of their gifts!