The months leading up to my wedding in March were full. I know people say that, and I’m not trying to add to the chorus of “We are so overwhelmed by wedding planning”. But I’m a multi-tasker. I make lists about my other lists. My pantry is practically alphabetically organized. I’ve been working two full time jobs and one part time job and taking 18 credits since my freshman semester of college. I thought “Wedding planning? No problem. I just don’t understand what everyone is complaining about.”

I was wrong. It’s not that it was so hard for me to plan. In fact, it was the waiting that really got to me. Waiting for confirmations, for the actual day to come. I didn’t realize the sheer amount of time that actually goes into the planning. It doesn’t have to be hard. You can map everything out, type up game plans, meet with everyone, confirm, stay calm and happy…all until you’re blue in the face. But it will still take time. Time to schedule, meet, type, write, glue, place, call, pay. I remember turning to my now-husband Dustin and saying “This is like a part time job that I have to pay other people to let me do”.

I was very focused on a cohesive color scheme, details and ambiance. But my wedding day was so much less about those decorations or the food and so much more about marrying my best friend and letting people know how much I appreciated their support on our big day.

Now, if I did it all over again, would I still put the time and effort into my wedding details and decor? Absolutely. I am proud of the details. I love looking at my wedding pictures and just beaming at how everything turned out. (On that note, hire a FANTASTIC wedding photographer. You can have the most gorgeous wedding in the world, but you WILL regret having poor pictures of such a monumental day. My photographer was Julie Branyan and I am grateful every single day that we hired her.)

Whew. That was a lot wasn’t it? Thanks for sticking through it. We’re almost done! The average couple in America spends $26, 542 on their wedding. Let’s just say that I had around one-third of that to work with and also pay for our honeymoon. And with a lot of DIY and help from my parents and friends, we arrived at our wedding day without going a penny over budget. We had a beautiful backyard wedding.

There will be at least twenty Wedding Wednesdays coming up! I will detail:

– how I made my bouquets and corsages, favors, decorations, invitations, a photobooth, centerpieces

– how I found amazing vendors in my price range and who they are

– how we crafted our candy table

– how we personalized our gift, candy, sign in and cake tables

–  how to choose a good wedding photographer

– how I included special people who couldn’t be there in person

– how I did my research, made my lists and prepped for the day

– And now, I must stop this list. Because it will literally go on forever. Let’s just say that I am a detailed person and I will probably have at least half a year’s worth of Wedding Wednesdays because A. I could have really used some real life people blogs for inspiration. Industry sponsored blogs are gorgeous and awe-inspiring, but they are often filled with unexplained details and take place in cornfields or $20,000 rental spaces. It’s not always attainable and if some of my ideas might help others, then hooray. B. I just really like to talk.

There you have it! Wedding Wednesday, you’ve been introduced.

I know I mentioned it, but my fantastic wedding photog was Julie Branyan and all pictures in this post are her work! Go check her out!