My mom is amazing. Seriously. She’s creative, articulate and so artistic! I have so many memories of her both creating and fixing. If something was broken, she fixed it. When we first moved to Arizona, we obtained an affordable but hideous dining chair set. We needed to recover the gross seat covers. So we watched an informational five minute film at Home Depot, bought a staple gun and headed to a fabric store for batting and fabric. We went home and Mom….recovered the chairs. Just. like. that. It needed to be done, so she did it. She changes tires. If we need a piece of art, BAM. She creates one.

She used to make beautiful abstract art in our basement in Indiana. Paintings, three dimensional sculpture and so much more. My absolute favorite thing that she did, and has started doing again, is painting ceramic Santas. I remember walking gently through little ceramic shops as a child, running my fingers along beautiful white little animals and leaving the store with dust on my fingers and in my lungs. There’s just something magic about a sculpture waiting to be finished, to be changed. And my mom is a magician when it comes to these Santas. She paints these vintage looking, faded and gorgeous Santa Claus statues just for fun. I’ve been trying to convince her to sell some because, seriously?! Look at those. People pay twenty bucks for a plywood cut out sign spray painted like a candy cane proclaiming “Happy Holidays!” There’s nothing wrong with that if it is what you want. But nothing gets me more in the holiday mood than being surrounded by these guys!